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At South Coast, we have competition teams that range from beginning to advanced dancers. If your dancer loves being on stage and wants an opportunity to shine, please reach out for more information.

Congratulations to our new Ducky, Performing Group and Shooting Stars Teams!


Rubber Duckies

This program gives dancers, between the ages of 3-5 years old, a chance to take class and work on choreography throughout the year. In addition, they attend 2 competitions and perform in the annual recital.


Performing Group

The performing group team is for dancers who wish to increase their training and participate in a competitive venue. These dancers take 3-5 hours a week and compete at 2 competitions a year and our annual recital.


Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars is for dancers who have outpaced Performing Group dancers but are not yet ready for our Company Program. These dancers take 4-6 hours a week, compete at 4 competitions a year and participate in our annual recital.


The South Coast Company is for select, dedicated dancers who are ready to commit to a 5-10 hour training schedule (dependent upon age.) They compete at 5 competitions a year, attend conventions and perform in recital.

Auditions take place in June. 

Contact our competitive Director, Jessica Parr, for more information.

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